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Post-Natal Depression- Counselling and Psychotherapy

What is it?

Like depression, post-natal depression can be very lonely and confusing for sufferers. The sad thing about this is that there are so many expectations on women today, that it is often not until years later that many women have told me that they think they did suffer from PND.

There are in fact two types of “postnatal depression”.

The first type is called postnatal depression and it refers to a less severe form of depression.

The second type is more often referred to as puerperal psychosis and it is a major form of depression which is biological in nature.

Here we look at working with suffers of post-natal depression.
What are the symptoms?

The following is a list of common symptoms Postnatal Depression are:

What helps?

Postnatal depression can be successfully treated through counselling by providing a safe and supportive place to talk and work through the complex mix of emotions that can overwhelm a mother. What can also help is taking a look at your own resources and exploring ways to get support and help while you recover. Group support is also very successful and this may also be incorporated into treatment.

For more information on PND, its causes and symptoms, please refer to the following web pages:-