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“The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free”  Rollo May


As the quote by Rollo May proposes, psychotherapy is about supporting and enabling people to be free from what is restricting or preventing them from living their lives to the best of their ability. Psychotherapy is not only about resolving problems, it is about creating inner contentment , building and attuning self-awareness and enabling clients to gain greater insight for themselves and the life choices that they can make. It is about reclaiming their personal power or agency to do this.

A willingness to change is a key requirement for attending therapy.

There are many different evidence-based modalities that can enable this process. As an integrative psychotherapist, I am able to tailor my approach and interventions , as all clients, circumstances and presentations are different. The key is to note that we do not give advice, clients are experts on their own lives, a therapist’s job is to support clients’ therapeutic needs, goals of therapy and, in the long-term, the process of change.

It can be difficult to reach out and seek support in difficult times, but the first step is often the most challenging. This first step can often be recognising and accepting that support and change is needed. So if you are looking for psychotherapeutic  support as an individual, couple or young adult (16+) and would like to get in touch you can contact me on my email avril@avrilkavanagh.ie. I am accredited with both the IACP and IAHIP and adhere to the code of ethics from these two recognised bodies.

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