Flash appointments

Convenient 50 minute flash appointments available for quick, low risk, discrete problem-solving to support your formulation of choices.

Flash Appointments

Are you seeking a quick, effective way to gain clarity and support? A flash appointment can help with formulating choices relating to a discrete life issue that has emerged.

In just 50 minutes, you’ll have the opportunity to address a specific issue without delving into extensive background information. The goal is to enable you to problem solve a current issue that is causing some concern. By providing you with a fresh perspective and a listening, supporting ear, this consultation service may help you become gain clarity, become unstuck and move forward.

Please note that this unique service offering adheres to the same code of ethics as set out by the professional bodies and follows the same limitations on confidentiality.

Flash appointment clients may decide to continue with adult 1:1 psychotherapy.

For those seeking:

  • A safe space to speak with a professional
  • Validation and help making sense of emotions
  • Support in a difficult life moment
  • Support in making a difficult decision
  • To obtain an objective perspective on a specific question
  • Help with other specific questions and topics

This service is for those seeking help with a specific question or in the context of a specific situation. It is not for those who seek or would benefit from ongoing and regular therapy sessions.

For issues that require a more in-depth assessment and consideration of more detailed ground information, please refer to my individual therapy services.

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